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About Jeannie
j e a n n i e  •  f a u l k n e r   MEd, LMT, AyT
Jeannie is a licensed massage therapist who has studied Ayurveda in both the United States and India. She received her classical Ayurveda Therapist certification at Chakrapani Clinic and Research Center in Jaipur, India. In addition to her massage therapy and Ayurveda training, she has a degree in comparative religions from Otterbein University and a Master's degree in education from Ohio University. She is also an approved continuing education provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and offers continuing education workshops and seminars for massage therapists in addition to teaching classes on Ayurveda for self care and stress relief.


Ayurveda Classes and Seminars for Massage Therapists
She offers a range of therapies, with a specialization in Ayurvedic bodywork and botanicals for women to help her clients create a sense of peace and balance. She holds the philosophy that massage is one of the most vital factors in the physical and emotional healing process. Women have specific issues such as PMS, painful periods, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues, cysts, tumors and these can be helped significantly through Ayurvedic bodywork such as warm-oil massage and plant-based therapies.  


Jeannie says:

I have always had a passion for women's health and the amazing healing capabilities of plant-based natural therapies and ayurveda, the five-thousand year old form of medicine from India. There are so many factors in daily life that can cause imbalances which may lead to disease if not addressed. The body has its own innate ability to heal itself and these therapies can be beneficial for women in all stages of life.


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