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Massage Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Ayurveda

About Jeannie Faulkner, LMT, AyT, M.Ed.

j e a n n i e  •  f a u l k n e r   MEd, LMT, AyT  



I'm Jeannie Faulkner - 

I grew up in Southeastern Ohio and although I’ve been lucky enough to live in and travel to many beautiful places, these hills are where my heart seems to feel the most at ease.  I’m a mother of three and I have five grandchildren who seem to have cleverly wrapped me around their little finger.

I love being a massage therapist. It offers me an opportunity to connect with people, and create a customized approach to each individual’s needs.

My practice is constantly evolving as I continue to move forward with my passion for healing arts. My interest in women’s health, specifically, has evolved, and I have taken hours of additional training in pre and postnatal massage, lymphatic massage, and natural bodywork treatments specifically designed to help with the effects of  auto-immune disorders and stress-related issues.  

I use an integrative approach with my clients, and use my training in orthosomatic therapies and myofascial release to help with chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain.

I have had the opportunity of studying Ayurvedic Bodywork in India and have seen and experienced some amazing results when utilizing these treatments in my practice. The herbal oils and specialized treatments not only calm the mind, but can bring the body into balance.

In addition to massage therapy, I teach yoga and continuing education classes for massage therapists. I also spent 10 years teaching Massage Therapy, Spa Therapies and Anatomy & Physiology at Hocking College in Ohio, and taught Spa Therapies at Boulder College of Massage.

If you would like more information or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, I’m happy to talk with you! Feel free to call at 720-250-6669 or email me at